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Privacy Policy

As a member of the Slovak Catholic Sokol you have provided the organization with certain nonpublic personal information, such as your name, age, residence, marital status and social security number when you applied for life insurance coverage and membership. You also may have provided us with employment and medical information and authorized us to obtain further information concerning your health history and other personal characteristics. Based on this authorization, only the minimum amount of information necessary to underwrite your application has been collected.

We, as in the past, maintain the highest levels of confidentiality concerning your nonpublic personal information. The employees at the Home Office have been trained in the careful handling and protection of such information. Oversight of these matters is rigorous and our employees understand that improper disclosure of nonpublic personal information is a serious matter with severe consequences.

We are a fraternal benefit society that has always been committed to protecting the privacy of our members. There are no affiliated financial institutions or third party non-affiliates which have access to your nonpublic personal information, except pursuant to your written authorization if you so desire. We never sell lists of the names and addresses of our members to any vendor of goods or services.

Access to your records is limited to those Home Office employees who are working with your file. Should we be required to disclose information in connection with civil or criminal litigation we must comply, but such instances are exceedingly rare.

Should we need to retain another organization to assist us with our operations, we will require that it adhere to the same strict standards of confi dentiality as we do.

Our policy of protecting the security of nonpublic personal information also extends to former insureds who no longer, have coverage with us.

Finally, please be assured that the information in our insurance files will always be available to our insureds for modification, correction or change when appropriate.

Thank you and Zdar Boh!

Slovak Catholic Sokol
Home Office

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