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Our Story

SCS Supreme Officers
A dedicated and highly qualified group of individuals with a progressive mindset who represent our Society and foster our ideals of fraternalism, education, and quality of service to our Members.

Each officer's title is prefaced with Supreme per the by-laws of the Slovak Catholic Sokol:
Chaplain Rev. Andrew S. Hvozdovic
President Larry M. Glugosh
Vice-President Andrea M. Tadlock
Secretary Scott T. Pogorelec, F.I.C.
Treasurer Michael J. Horvath
General Counsel John D. Pogorelec, Jr., Esq.
Chairperson of the Auditors James C. Matlon
Auditor Edward Bajus
Auditor Bradley Hoeck
Director of Sports and Athletics Kathleen S. Watkins
Assistant Director of Sports and Athletics Robert R. Palchanis, III
Physical Director Dusan Dorich
Physical Directress Katie Swift
Assistant Physical Directress Nancy Kropolinsky
Assistant Physical Director Martin Degan
Physical Fitness Board Member Janice Matlon
Physical Fitness Board Member Kristen Popik
Physical Fitness Board Member Christopher J. Antosy, Jr.
Physical Fitness Board Member Zackary Manyak
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