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Michael J. Horvath

Message from our Supreme President

by Michael J. Horvath

It is "March Madness" time already! March is that month where a lot happens: Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Lent, daylight saving time begins, the spring equinox, the NCAA basketball tournaments, the 1st 2019 quarterly meeting of the Slovak Catholic Sokol Board of Directors, the 2019 Scholarship applications are due and so are the 33rd Convention Delegate forms due. Oh! And, how can I forget Saint Joseph's Day and Saint Patrick's Day.

This list makes one be filled with joy and dread at the same time. Joy that we had the time to prepare for Lent with the various celebrations such as the Slovak Pre- Lenten custom of the Fasiangy tradition and Mardi Gras activities to help us gear up for our forty days of lent. We now see the days getting longer and warmer so we can spend more time outside to enjoy the yard work and the other activities of spring. The excitement of the basket ball tournaments and the hope of being the first to have a perfect bracket is always fun. Then the big hype St. Patrick's Day, the day everyone wishes they were Slovak. And, Saint Joseph's day! Even though there is not a parade there are special events to mark this day as well. How will your March end, we will just have to wait and see. No matter what there is a lot to do in March.

The events and things you have to remember to do in March that relate to your Society is making sure you return the 33rd Convention Delegate forms by March 31, 2019. The delegate forms are needed so the planning for the 33rd Convention can begin. It also gives Your Supreme Secretary, Scott T. Pogorelec and me the time needed to select the delegates willing to serve on the various Convention committees and other convention organizing.

March 31, 2019 is also the deadline to send in your scholarship applications and documents. All information is needed to have a completed application. It is important that all the required documents are included with your application. Otherwise, your application will be marked incomplete and will not be reviewed. And, you will miss out on your opportunity of receiving a 2019 Slovak Catholic Sokol Scholarship.

I would like to remind all of the Slovak Catholic Sokol bowlers interested in participating in the 73rd International Bowling Tournament at Noble Manor Lanes in Pittsburgh, PA May 17-18, 2019 to send in your registration forms early. This will help with the planning and assure your bowling time preference.

As you see no matter what is happening there is a lot of planning that goes into everything. I hope you also take the time to plan for the future. March is a good month to do some planning and check your life insurance. If there is needs for additional life insurance call the Home Office or our Director of Sales, Albert J. Suess, Jr., F.I.C. for his assistance. Brother Suess can also give you advice on annuity options if you fi nd that you need this investment option.

With God's Blessings to All!
Zdar Boh!


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