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Scott T. Pogorelec

From the desk of the Supreme Secretary


by Scott T. Pogorelec, F.I.C.

Greetings from Passaic, NJ! Spring is here and for most of us, the temperatures are slowly rising. I do know that our friends in the Midwest are hoping for a much quicker arrival of the spring weather. I hope everyone is making it through with no big issues.

It is hard to believe, but the Convention is less than three months away. By now, all of our Delegates should have received their first correspondence with the hotel reservation information and the tentative Convention Schedule. Please note that the Sunday Mass at the Cathedral begins at 2:30pm. I wanted to give our Delegates a little tutorial on how to access some of our Convention items that are currently on or will be on the website under our Convention Menu. If you go to our website, www.slovakcatholicsokol. org, you will see a list of items on the left-hand side. Seven items down, you will find “Convention Menu”.

Currently on the Menu, you will find the aforementioned reservation letter and updated schedule. Regarding the reservation letter, all rooms are based on double occupancy. The Single Room Supplement is $300.00 and must be pre-paid before July 15, 2019 payable to the Slovak Catholic Sokol. Delegates should make every effort to pair-up and share rooms. You will also find the Pre- Convention Committee information. Please note that all suggested and recommended changes to be considered by the Bylaws and New Motions Committees must be submitted in writing and mailed to the Home Office no later than May 31, 2019. Also, any petition and donation requests must be submitted in writing and mailed to the Home Office by July 3, 2019. No donation requests will be accepted from the Convention floor.

Also, on the menu, you will find information regarding the 2020 SKS Committee. Please read through the meeting minutes and the Bylaw Proposal. Thank you to the Committee for all their hard work and thank you to Chairperson of the 2020 SKS Committee, Julie Ann Dobbs, for all her efforts.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to add more information to the Convention Menu, such as the Four-Year Supreme Officer Reports. We have decided that it is more efficient and cost effective to put the reports up electronically for our Delegates to read. I will also be emailing the reports to all the supplied emails given by our Delegates in their registration form. If any delegate still wants a hard copy mailed to them, please contact me at the Home Office and I will be glad to send you one.

If anyone has any questions regarding the Convention, please feel free to reach out to me at (800) 886-7656 or email me at, scott@

God Bless all our Members and have a safe and Happy Memorial Day! Zdar Boh!


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