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Michael J. Horvath Message from our Supreme President
by Michael J. Horvath

After a three-year delay because of Covid the Supreme Physical Fitness Board finally was able to hold their Kruz, the Clinic. The Clinic is held to prepare Group leaders for the upcoming International Slet. The 2022 Clinic was at Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania which will be the site of our 50th International Slet in July 2023.

I attended the closing ceremonies and saw first- hand what the Physical Fitness Board organized to ready themselves and the Group leaders for the 50th International Slet. Everyone I spoke to, seasoned and new leaders, were excited to be at the Clinic. The Group leaders learned the new routines they will be performing at the Slet, the new structure of the Slet, the layout of the University, and insight into what is being planned for the 50th International Slet’s grand celebration.

There was a lot of excitement exhibited by all at the Clinic since they were there in their happy place, doing what they love, and to continue a tradition they grew up, which has many memories they never will forget. Our Supreme Secretary, Scott T. Pogorelec, F.I.C. and I felt the enthusiasm the Fitness Board and the Group leaders had to finally be at the Clinic during their performance at closing ceremonies. They will return home with this fervor and will start a year-long preparation for the 50th International Slet. It will be up to these Group leaders to recruit old and new members to attend the 50th International Slet to celebrate the memories of the past, the excitement of the present, and the quest of the future.

Thank you to the Supreme Physical Fitness Board for organizing the 2022 Clinic. You never stopped over the past three years to keep planning and adjusting those plans to be ready for the time when you would hold the Clinic. You showed everyone your tenacity to make sure all was ready. Thank you to our Supreme Chaplain, Reverend Andrew S. Hvozdovic for coming to the Clinic to celebrate Mass for the Clinic participants.

It is hard to believe that in one year, August 5-8, 2023, the elected delegates from our Assemblies, Wreaths and Groups will assemble in Scranton, Pennsylvania for our Society’s 34th Quadrennial Convention. I ask all Assemblies, Wreath, and Group leaders to start preparing their delegates for the Convention. It is important that everyone understand the Society’s By-Laws and their obligations as stated in the By- Laws to be a delegate. This preparation should start at your monthly meetings. In future articles there will more information on the Convention and how to prepare for it.

Supreme Director of Sports and Athletics, James C. Matlon has everything ready for the Slovak Catholic Sokol 67th International Golf Tournament, August 12-14, 2022, at Treasure Lake Golf Resort in DuBois, Pennsylvania. Again, this year we are holding the tournament along with the other Slovak fraternals to make it an exciting and competitive tournament. After many years, I will be attending the tournament this year since the annual family vacation was moved to another week. Safe travels and see you at the Tournament.

Who will be the Slovak Catholic Sokol 2022 Fraternalist of the Year? There are many worthwhile members who meet the qualifications to be selected, but if they are not nominated, we do not know who they are. All Assemblies, Wreaths, and Groups should nominate a member to be the Fraternalist of the Year is, by filling out the FOTY application and send it to the Home Office.

I ask everyone to be safe this month because the unpresendant weather we saw in July, record breaking high-temperatures and long heat waves, which can continue and worsen in August. As reported more individuals die, especially the elderly, because of the heat than any other weather condition. Let us be as safe as we can and take time to check on our elderly family and friends to make sure they are also safe. Even though it is warm, we cannot forget Covid is with us and is on the rise.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
With God’s Blessings to All!
Zdar Boh!!

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