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Michael J. Horvath

Message from our Supreme President

by Michael J. Horvath


The mother star, the sun, has finally decided to push old man winter out of the way and give us what we all have been waiting for, bright clear warm days. This means more outdoor activities. Some of the activities will be enjoyable, cooking on the grill, golfing, fishing, baseball, soccer, etc. versus the required outdoor activities, spring cleaning, getting the yard and deck ready for relaxing events. No matter what the activity is keep the NSAIDs handy to combat the aches and pains of spring.

April turned out to be a very busy month. Beginning with the Joys of Easter and celebrating the day with family and friends by carrying on Slovak Easter traditions and customs. The family really enjoys Easter Monday the best, since we all get the chance to dunk a member of the family without the worries of having the person mad at us for getting them wet.

I attended the Pennsylvania Fraternal Alliance's annual meeting held on Monday, April 17, 2018 at the William Penn lodge hall in Harrisburg, PA. Then on Tuesday, April 18, 2018 Pennsylvania fraternals gathered at the Pennsylvania Capitol on the second floor of the rotunda for the annual Pennsylvania Fraternal Alliance's Legislative Day. The Pennsylvania legislators have the opportunity to stop by and meet with the various fraternals during their breaks from their busy committee meetings. This allows the fraternals to meet with the state Senators and Representatives to explain to them what fraternal societies are about and do how the current Pennsylvania laws enable the fraternals to carry out their missions and also answer any questions they have concerning fraternals.

The take away from this important annual event is the legislators know of the fraternal societies in Pennsylvania and applauded our mission and goals. And, that the Pennsylvania legislators recognize Pennsylvania fraternal societies are a key component to helping Pennsylvania citizens and their families with financial security.

The next week it was to Washington, D.C. for the American Fraternal Alliance's Executive Summit held at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA. The conference began with a Small Society roundtable on Monday, April 23, 2018. The Alliance organized the Small Society roundtable meeting so the small fraternals could discuss the concerns they have regarding a long list of issues that can impact the societies. Then on Tuesday, April 24 all of the societies at the Summit heard from speakers to prepare us for our afternoon visit with key Senators and members of Congress to explain and re-educate them on the fraternal society system and how it helps their constituents.

I was with the group that met with the Senators and Congress members from New Jersey and Massachusetts. Our team was received warmly by all the legislators and their staff we met with. They were interested in hearing about how we help our members and the projects the societies do in their districts.

The take away from the Executive Summit was any one event can cause major problems for any fraternal. The more projects society's members do the better it is for all fraternals. And, the American Fraternal Alliance is helping all fraternals meet their mission, goals and obligations.

Lastly on April 30 and May 1, I attended the Slovak Catholic Federation's Spring meeting held at the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius Motherhouse in Danville, PA. The Motherhouse's campus is so pastoral and peaceful that reminded me of some similar venues I saw on my trips to Slovakia. The morning session was dedicated to the Federation's business agenda items. At noon the group went to the historic Basilica of the Saints Cyril and Methodius for Mass. Abbott Gary Hoover, OSB, was the main celebrant of the Mass with the rest of the Federation's clerical members as concelebrants. Our Supreme Chaplain, Rev. Andrew S. Hvozdovic was the homilist. After the Mass and lunch the Federation's committees met to discuss what they will do in the upcoming months.

Here we are in May and the activities keep on going.

The Scholarship Committee held a conference call to review the scholarship applications received from our members. Then the 2020 Committee will have a conference call to continue its work on its mission, which is, to examine the Slovak Catholic Sokol structure and governance and see how it is like or differs from other fraternal societies.

The 72nd Slovak Catholic Sokol International Bowling Tournament is being held on May 21 and 22, 2018 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Again this year we are joining the GCU while they hold their 82nd bowling tournament.

Then a little break as we relax for the national holiday Memorial Day. Then it is off to the 2nd annual Slovak Catholic Sokol Reunion, June 1-2, 2018 at the Rocky Gap Resort in Flintstone, MD. The inaugural reunion, in 2017, was a hit and enjoyed by all who attended, so I know the 2nd reunion will be bigger and better.

I am looking forward to meet everyone at the Bowling tournament and Reunion.

Since spring is the time for cleaning and making things anew it can also be the time to take a look at our insurance needs for ourselves and our family. Do you have enough insurance? Is your saving account giving you a 2.5% return? Do you have an annuity? If your analysis is you could use additional life insurance, you are not getting a 2.5% on your money in the bank or you need an annuity, then call the Home Office or our Director of Sales and Marketing for their advice on how to improve your financial well being.

With God's Blessings to All!
Zdar Boh!


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